Program Highlights

Interns will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in science research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison during the summer as a member of a research team
  • Design and implement an extensive research project under the supervision of a research scientist
  • Earn Credits:
    • three quarters of one high school science credit awarded by MMSD
    • one credit awarded by the UW-Madison and funded by MMSD
  • Learn how to use both high and low tech research tools and technologies
  • Meet with other interns and tour their labs during the summer seminars
  • Participate in high school research competitions (optional)
  • Publish research in a professional journal at the discretion of the professor (optional)

 Minimum Requirements

  • Sophomore or junior status at an MMSD high school at time of application
  • A sincere interest in science and learning science research skills
  • Availability: a minimum of 25 hours per week for 9 weeks during the summer
  • Attend an informational meeting with a parent/guardian (March)
  • Attend brown bag seminars on campus (June-August)
  • Attend a fall seminar (September)
  • Complete a formal research paper (September-October)
  • Present scientific research poster (November)


Many people are involved in making the High School Science Research Intern partnership between the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Madison Metropolitan School District work effectively and meaningfully for all. Some of the responsibilities of those involved are as follows.

High School Interns

  • Work in your lab a minimum of 25 hours per week for a minimum of 9 weeks
  • Attend meetings and seminars
  • Collect data under the supervision of an assigned mentor
  • Periodically meet with the professor/mentor to critique the collected data
  • Periodically ask to have the stages of the research paper critiqued
  • Complete a formal research paper
  • Prepare a scientific poster and present it at the poster session in November
  • Stay in contact via email, seminars and phone with the research coordinator

Program Coordinator

  • Direct the recruitment and selection of interns
  • Direct interns in their mentor search
  • Register and grade interns for MMSD
  • Facilitate strong MMSD/UW partnership
  • Communicate with science teachers, students, UW faculty and parents
  • Plan and conduct weekly student seminars
  • Provide information on
    • application and enrollment
    • procedures for UW and Madison summer school
  • Establish and direct the work of a selection committee
  • Inform student of science research competition opportunities


  • Supervise an intern for a minimum of nine weeks, 25 hours per week
  • Critique the drafts of the research paper for scientific accuracy
  • Provide direct instruction or assign instruction in safety protocols of the lab
  • Provide direct instruction or assign instruction in data collection techniques
  • Provide a place and materials for collecting data
  • Attend fall poster session - optional


High School Interns

  • Experience the joys and frustrations of authentic scientific research
  • Participate in research at a world class research institution
  • Work in laboratories related to their scientific interests
  • Form beginning networks with professors and graduate students
  • Work collaboratively with more experienced researchers
  • Tour labs of fellow interns
  • Participate in local and national science research competitions

UW-Professors and Researchers

  • Fulfill the requirements of various granting institutions for outreach
  • Form an informal partnership with the school district for future interns
  • In depth teaching opportunities for degree and post doctoral candidates
  • Opportunity to share their discipline with a highly motivated, well prepared high school junior or senior

For more information, please contact the High School Science Research Intern Program Coordinator.



Recruiting sessions at high schools

February 3

Applications due, electronic submission

February 21

Selection Committee meets

February 27

Letters of acceptance/non-acceptance mailed this week

March 14

Student/Parent Information Meeting 7:00 PM
Location:  TBD


Lab placements coordinated

April 4

UW enrollment opening date for summer school

April 29

Deadline for application to UW

May 27

UW enrollment closing date for MMSD interns

June 12

Interns begin work at their labs

July 31

UW tuition paid by MMSD


Brown Bag Seminars, TBD

August 31 

Data collection completed

September TBD

Madison Metropolitan School District, first day of school

October TBD

Fall Seminar #1, 7:00 PM
Doyle Administration Building

Abstract due coordinator, submit via e-mail

November (TBD)

Science Research Intern Poster Session, 7:00 PM
Location:  The Atrium @ Engineering Centers Hall, UW-Madison Campus


Fall Seminar #1, 7:00 PM
Doyle Administration Building

Register for competitions (optional)


Capitol Science and Engineering Fair *


Badger Science and Engineering Fair-Marquette University