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The Middle School Science Cohort experience gathers the next generation of scientists, at the middle school level, and connect them with state of the art technology, while exploring leading-edge science topics with district and university educators at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery (WID). Students will work collaboratively on the days they attend meetings at the WID and will be required to complete an independent lab report. It’s an expectation of those who participate in this program that they make-up all coursework missed on the days they attend this programming.


The purpose of the Middle School Science District Cohort is to bring together students from across the district to gain experience with scientists at the WID using a state of the art laboratory and explore contemporary research topic.

Selection Process

Deadline for applications is Friday, November 18, 2016.


Students interested in participating in the science cohort must complete the online application. Click on the link below that matches your school area to start your application process. You will be asked 4 essay questions, and then you will need to click the submit button. There are 2 pages. The first page is demographic information (Name, Grade Level, etc.) and the second page is the list of these 4 essay questions. Please allow yourself about an hour to complete this application. You may cancel out of this application before you submit, however your progress will not be saved. Once you submit the completed application, on the next page, you will not be able to go back and edit.

Your entry into the Science Cohort is based on the answers you give to the 4 essay questions; please take your time to answer them (see Rubric).

NORTH (Black Hawk, Sherman, O’Keeffe)

CENTRAL (Spring Harbor, Wright, Hamilton)

WEST (Toki, Jefferson, Cherokee)

EAST (Sennett, Whitehorse, Badger Rock)

Hard-Copy applications are available upon request both in English and Spanish. If you have any trouble with the application links or need a hard copy, please contact your science teacher or the Advanced Learner Instructional Resource Teacher at your school.


Area Cohort Options 2016-2017

The Area Cohort Options are available to 7th and 8th grade students. Each of the cohort groups will have a maximum capacity of 50 students. All cohorts will meet 2 full days throughout the school year at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery (WID). Transportation to and from the students’ schools will be provided.


There will be three options available. Options are dependent on your school.


Bioinformatics (West, North)

Students will have the chance to dive into the emerging field of bioinformatics, where scientists use computer science and programming tools to make sense biological information. In this experience, we’ll explore proteins, how cells send messages, protein signaling pathways, analyze data sets and try to uncover answers to biological puzzles (like cancer) by looking for patterns.


Electrical Engineering (Central, East)

Students will have the opportunity to explore high voltage transmission of electricity, and investigate how to create the most efficient transmission in a system by comparing models of electricity transfer, civil engineering and city planning to deliver power needs and support loads along the grid.


Robotics, Automation and Plant Research (Central, East, West, North)

Students will explore how plants respond to different conditions using some advanced programmable robots that can be automated to control how many colors of light are present, how intense the light is, if the plant is stationary (represents growing conditions on Earth) or spinning/turning to change how gravity affects the plants. There are other variables to explore as well. Students will design an experiment, program their robot, collect and analyze data and make plans for future steps throughout this experience.